NDMC Payslip 2022 Employee Corner Login, Registration, Salary Slip Online

NDMC Payslip 2022: To get your NDMC Salary Slip, Employee Corner Login, Registration & NDMC RMR EPF details you can visit www.ndmc.gov.in. Here in this website employees can check their NDMC employee payslip. Furthermore, pensioners can get NDMC pension details.

The NDMC portal also offers services that allow the general public to check or pay their NDMC bill. Thus, concerned individuals should definitely visit the official website of NDMC.

NDMC employees can also get to know more about the NDMC bill payslip, NDMC RMR payslip. Since the portal has developed a specific page for each service. Hence, every visitor should follow the instructions specified by the NDMC.

So along with the NDMC payslip services, the portal also provides online civic services such as online electricity bills, water bills, tax payments. There are other services such as online birth & death certificates, medical services.

Hence, the NDMC employees, pensioners, and the civilians are entitled to avail themselves of the NDMC services online without visiting the NDMC Office.

Now through this article, we are going to discuss the NDMC payslip details and NDMC online civic service. Thus you should go through this article. Each section of this article provides information related to certain services available at www.ndmc.gov.in. SO check out the following sections such as the NDMC payslip login, NDMC pensioners pay details, and more.

NDMC Payslip Employee Corner Login Online

Since you already know that you can generate your payslip online. However, as we mentioned that you must initially clear the NDMC payslip login at www.ndmc.gov.in. Therefore, completing the NDMC employee login is the first step in checking your payslip. Now the employees should know that without correct details you cannot log in to your payslip account.

As a result, you must have the mandatory details at the time of your login. Such details would be your Employee code and your NDMC login password. Every NDMC employee has a personal employee code. So as a result, the portal identifies each employee based on their employee code and password.

Ultimately, the employees can generate the correct or rather their personal payslip details. Now as we said the there are different login portals available for different categories of NDMC employees.

Hence, the employees of the NDMC should make sure to open the correct NDMC payslip login page. Below we have written the steps exclusively for NDMC employees other than RMR, contractual employees.

STEP 1. By now readers should know that at first, you have to visit the official website of the NDMC viz, www.ndmc.gov.in.

STEP 2. Now once you are on the homepage of the website look for the Employee Corner option.

STEP 3. When you see that section place your cursor on that option. Then you need to click on the VIEW PAYSLIP option. Once you click on that option the NDMC login page appears.

STEP 4. On the NDMC Login portal, you have to enter certain details. So enter your Employee Code and your Password. The employee should also enter the Captcha code.

NDMC Payslip

NDMC Payslip

STEP 5. After entering your login credentials all you need to do is click on the Submit option.

STEP 6. If you have entered the correct details your NDMC Payslip details will be displayed on your computer screen.

STEP 7. You can download or take a printout of the payslip of the month that you require.

View Payslip: Click Here

NDMC Payslip Login Password Recovery

Since the NDMC login is mandatory, hence employees should always remember their employee code and password. Employees hardly forget their employee code. However, in terms of the password, many employees have been unable to log in due to an incorrect password. So to enter the correct password employees either have to remember the password or create a new one.

Now those who cannot remember their password have only one option. That option is to create a new NDMC login password. Creating a new NDMC payslip password is easy.

Any NDMC employee can create a new password through the portal of NDMC. But you must know the complete process set up by the NDMC. In case you are unfamiliar with the proceedings then we can help you.

Down below we have mentioned the entire process. So all that’s left to do is follow each step. So for those who want to know how to reset the NDMC password or create a new NDMC login password down below is your answer.

STEP 1. You need to visit the official website of the NDMC. Here is the link to the official portal just click on it www.ndmc.gov.in.

STEP 2. Now go to the Employee Corner. Then click on this option to view other services.

STEP 3. To reset the NDMC login password you have to click on the VIEW PAYSLIP option. When you click on the view payslip option the NDMC login page appears.

STEP 4. On the login page, you have to click on the FORGOT PASSWORD option. The option is available at the bottom of the page.

STEP 5. After you click on the FORGOT PASSWORD option wait for the password recovery page to open. Once the recovery page opens you have to enter your EMPLOYEE CODE and the captcha code.

STEP 6. So after you have entered your EMPLOYEE CODE and the captcha code you can click on the GENERATE OTP option.

STEP 7. Minutes after you click on the Generate OTP option the portal forwards the OTP to your registered mobile number.

STEP 8. Once you have received the OTP on your mobile phone you need to validate the OTP. SO enter the OTP in the required file and then click on the SUBMIT option.

STEP 9. Now the NDMC password recovery page appears. Here you have to create a new password and click on the reset password. Finally, you have created a new NDMC payslip login password.

Recover Password: Click Here

NDMC RMR Payslip

Individuals can also check the NDMC RMR, TMR, Contractual payslip detail at www.ndmc.gov.in. So if you are an NDMC employee under RMR, TMR, contractual then even you are entitled to check your monthly payslip.

However, you can check your NDMC RMR payslip only when you can prove your identity as an NDMC worker. So, details such as your worker code are crucial and mandatory requirementss.

As per the norms of the NDMC RMR, TMR contractual employees must log in to check their monthly payslips. So in order to log in the employees must follow specific steps.

The NMDC portal has an exclusive portal that enables the employees to generate NDMC RMR/TMR payslips. Hence, you must go to that portal in order to get your RMR, TMR wage details.

Here below we have given the full process. Taking the following steps can help you check your payslip and download it.

STEP 1. First of all, you have to go to the official website of the NDMC, you can click the link provided here www.ndmc.gov.in.

STEP 2. Now on the homepage go to the EMPLOYEE CORNER option. Click on the option to view all employee services.

STEP 3. Then you have to click on the RMR/TMR Wage Slip option. Once you click on the option the payslip search portal appears.

STEP 4. On this page, you have to provide the mandatory details. So select your WORKER TYPE. Then enter your WORKER CODE and enter the date, month, and year. You must also enter the captcha code.

STEP 5. After you have provided all the details you can click on the Login option.

STEP 6. Finally, you can see your personal NDMC RMR/TMR payslip details. To download click on the download option or you can take a printout by selecting the print icon.

NDMC Pension Pay Details

The NDMC Pension department offers services for every pensioner. In order to get the details about their pension individuals can visit the website of NDMC. Here at the portal, there is a particular service that is available specifically for pensioners. As a result individuals other than the pensioners are denied access.

But like every other employee, the pensioners must also provide mandatory details. Basically, individuals have to log in to get any information regarding their pension payments.

Other than having the correct details you must also be aware of the right steps. Without knowing where you can log in getting access to your pension details would be troublesome.

Now if you want to know how to get to the NDMC pension portal then check the following process. With the help of these steps, you can get every detail that you need regarding your NDMC pension details.

STEP 1. Here is the link that will take you to the official website of the NDMC www.ndmc.gov.in. So just click on this link.

STEP 2. On the home page, you have to click on the Employees Corner. Then click on the Pension’s Portal option.

STEP 3. Minutes after you click on the Pension’s Portal the Pensioners Login portal appears.

STEP 4. To complete your login you first need to enter the required details. Henceforth, enter your PPO Number and Password. Do not forget to enter the Captcha Code.

STEP 5. Once you have entered all the details its time to click on the Login option.

STEP 6. After you click on the Login option the portal will display your NDMC pension pays details.

Create New NDMC Pension Password

Here you can find the answer to how to create a new NDMC Pension login password. Well honestly, creating a new password is simple for those who know about the process.

For the record, you can create a new password through the portal of the NDMC pensioners’ portal. All you need to do is follow the official instructions.

But there are other aspects of the process that you need to be aware of. Such as that you must have an active mobile number registered with the pensioners’ portal.

So if you ever need to create a new login password then you should have these pieces of information. But most importantly you need to be aware of the steps.

As a result, here we have written down the complete process. Hence, you can follow these steps to create a new NDMC Pensioners’ login password online.

STEP 1. First, you have to visit the NDMC’s website that is www.ndmc.gov.in.

STEP 2. On the homepage of the website look for the Employees corner option. When you see it click on the option to open the list of services.

STEP 3. Now make sure to click on the Pensioners’ Portal. Once you click the option the website takes you to the Pensioners’ login portal.

STEP 4. On this login portal look at the lest side of the page, you will be an option that says FORGOT PASSWORD. Now click on that option to proceed further.

STEP 5. The password recovery portal opens. Here you have to enter your USER ID and your registered mobile number. Then you have to enter the captcha code too.

STEP 6. Then click on the Submit option. The website then sends you an OTP for password recovery. You have to verify that OTP in the required page.

STEP 7. Then once you validate the OTP you have to seta a new password.

NDMC Registration

In order to benefit from the NDMC services, you can log in with your user id and password. However, if you do have not registered with the portal then you need to create your account.

To create a new account or register with the NDMC you have to follow the online process of NDMC registration. The steps are simple if you are able to get to the NDMC registration portal.

Below we have given the complete NDMC registration process. However, before you check those steps you should make sure to have the following details with you at the time of registration.

  • Contact Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number

The above-mentioned details are mandatory. So you must be able to provide the above-mentioned details. If you have these details you can finally carry on with your NDMC registration process.

  • STEP 1. Click on the link to be directed to the NDMC registration page ndmc103.25.172.148.
  • STEP 2. Once you click on this link it will take you to the NDMC Registration page. Here you have to enter your personal details that are mandatory for registration.
  • STEP 3. When you have entered the required details you can click on the submit option.
  • STEP 4. Finally, you have completed your NDMC registration. In the future, you can use the Registration number for your NDMC login.

NDMC Payslip 2022

The NDMC payslip generated from the NDMC portal contains specific details. Such details are regarding the monthly payment information of the employees. Along with their monthly salary payment details employees can be aware of other transactions. The other transactions include loan installments (If Any), GPF & PF deductions, tax projections, etc.

Furthermore, employees can also get to know the amount available in their accounts. With the help of the payslip, you can know the payment detail such as the date & time of the transaction. Once you have generated your monthly payslip you can also check the number of working days. So, employees can also check the number of days they worked on that particular month.

The payslip offers more than the monthly payment details. Individuals are able to approve their employment with the NDMC. So the monthly payslip is vital for every employee.

The NDMC governs about 28 different departments of NCR. Some of the departments are Dept. of Architecture, Dept. of Finance, Dept. of Audit, etc. Hence the employees of these departments should check their monthly payslips.

Similarly, if an individual gets recruited under the NDMC. Then that individual should make sure to remember the Employee code and the password. Based on the norms set by the NDMC, the employee must log in with their employee code and password. So only after you complete the NDMC payslip login will you be able to check your payslip details.

Although, you can complete your NDMC employee login at the website of NDMC. However, you must be aware of the login page available for different categories. In the following section, you can get complete information in the NDMC employee login. Further on we have mentioned the complete NDMC RMR payslip details.

NDMC Payslip FAQ

Here we are going to look at the frequently asked questions about the NDMC. In fact, we also have provided the answers to each of our questions mentioned in this section.

So if you have any queries regarding NDMC then you should at least check out the following NDMC FAQ. We may have mentioned the question that you have been asking for so long.

Ques. How to Check NDMC Bill?
With the help of the NDMC portal, you can pay your electricity bill, water bill. The portal also has provisions for paying property tax, estate tax. As a result, you can pay such a bill without visiting the office.

Prior to paying your bill, you can check the current unpaid bills. So before you pay you can be certain of the amount that must be paid. However, as per the norms in order to pay your electricity bill, you must select the Electricity portal.

So in order to check your NDMC bill of the respective department visit the website. When you are on the home page scroll down to the Online Civic service section where you can see your options.

Ques. How to get an NDMC Birth Certificate Online?
If your area comes under the NDMC then you can check your birth certificate at www.ndmc.gov.in. When you visit the website of NDMC you need to scroll down to the Online Civic Services and open Birth & Death certificates.

For those who want to get their NDMC birth certificate online, they should click on the Birth certificate option. Once you get to the NDMC Birth certificate online services you can select an option depending on your need.

To re-print your NDMC birth certificate online you will need your registered mobile number. As per the name inclusion, Aadhar card number, and other documents of the parents are mandatory.

Ques. What is a DCR number in the NDMC property tax?
Basically the property tax DCR number the payment receipt number or collection number mentioned in the Demand Collection Register. The significance of the number is that it is issued to co-relate the payment of the same. It is also mentioned in the challan of the NDMC payment receipt.

Therefore, if you prefer paying your property tax online then you should be aware of your DCR number. The number can be crucial for the verification of your tax payment.

Ques. How to get the NDMC Form 16?
Those who need the NDMC form 16 can get it from the official website of the NDMC. However, you must select the appropriate option. Since there are two different NDMC form 16 for two categories.

Now, when you visit the website go to the Employee corner. When you click on the Employee corner you can see two different Form 16 options. Make sure to select the correct form.

For current NDMC employees, you should select “Form 16” and NDMC pensioners should click on the Pensioners’ Form 16. Once you have selected your form you have are going to need your PAN Card number.

Ques. How to check NDMC RMR EPF?
Along with the NDMC RMR/TMR payslip employees can also check their NDMC RMR EPF online. To check your NDMC RMR EPF you have to visit the website of the NDMC.

To proceed further you have to click on the Employee Corner on the homepage of the website. Then scroll down and select the RMR/TMR EPF Statement option.

Once the NDMC RMR / TMR EPF search portal opens all you need to do is enter the necessary details.

About NDMC

The New Delhi Municipal Council or NDMC is the municipal council of New Delhi the NCR of India. It was established on 16th March 1927. The NDMC is among the three major urban regions of New Delhi.

The set-up of the NDMC was considered with the objectives such as bringing uniformity in building regulations, audit revenue. The council also aimed to bring the new legislation to the area under the NDMC.

On the basis of the constitution of the Council under Chapter 2 of the NDMC ACT 1994 the Council must comprise of the following members:

A Chairman ( The governing head of the council). 2 members of the Legislative Assembly. 5 Members or officers of the Central Government. 4 members nominated by the Central Government.

Currently, under the NDMC, there are a total of 28 departments such as the Accounts Dept, Fire Dept., Information Technology Dept, Horticulture department, and many more.

Over the years the NDMC has been able to offer excellent civic services to the citizens. With a number of departments under the Council, the people of areas under NDMC have been benefited.

With the implementation of the NDMC portal, citizens have been able to effortlessly pay their bills. Through the NDMC website, you can make sure that your electricity bill, water bill, or tax are paid on time.

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